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DreamOn Wearable Sleep Aid

Innovative Wearable Technology
The company Pulsewear has created its DreamOn wearable Sleep Aid that is designed to help people with insomnia fall asleep without medication.

The device uses low-frequency pulses to activate the body’s natural sleep process and guide users to rest.  DreamOn offers guided meditations and pulse technology to help people who have frequent night wakings, insomnia or other sleep ailments, according to the company.  The product can sync up with the body’s natural rhythms and helps users relax to experience

Posture Monitoring Wearable

Innovative Wearable Technology
The company Medical Wearable Solutions has created a new product: EyeForcer, a smart eye-wear that can monitor posture.
The EyeForcer uses smart technology to help reduce neck pain damage that can occur as people look down at their devices.  It uses sensor technology to measure the angle at which users are looking at handheld electronic devices.  If a user is in a damaging position, a small LED light on the side of the frame will be activated and won’t

The Water Proof Sweat Monitor

Innovative Wearable Technology
Recently, an international team of researchers has developed a skin patch for monitoring a person’s biometrics.
The device is a waterproof, epidermal, microfluidic, and electronic-enabled for sweat monitoring.  This patch captures sweat (from the sweat glands of the subject) in tiny chambers which serve as individual miniature test labs.  Each chamber tests for different qualities such as fluid levels, sweat loss and chloride concentrations.
This new device does not require batteries – it draws power from radio waves in the