Genie Connect

Innovative Medical Device

Loneliness is a real, increasing issue in the U.S. and globally. In fact, many healthcare professionals now recognize loneliness as a risk factor for a number of medical conditions, including cardiovascular disease.

Genie Connect Robot

Genie Connect promises to combat loneliness.

For this reason, we need to address loneliness with urgency.

Service Robotics Limited have recently created an innovative solution that aims to bridge this gap.

Genie Connect is a friendly looking miniature robot. The designers described it as “a companion robot service that uses a friendly, intuitive, voice-enabled robot to offer connectivity and support […] older adults.”

It can carry out commands in a similar way to other popular virtual assistants, but it has a range of bespoke, customizable features.

Genie Connect can have a conversation and set up video chats with healthcare professionals and family members. Service Robotics Limited designed it to help stimulate and engage the user’s mind. It also reminds the user when to take medication and attend appointments.

There is a common concern that robots will take away the jobs of humans; in this case, Genie Connect fills a gap that humans currently leave open.

 Learn more about this product: The Genie Connect
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