Project scope: Definitive was engaged by Drinkholder LLC to design an ergonomic wall-mounted cup holder and shelf to be installed in the restrooms or standing-room areas of large venues like stadiums.

We all know the situation: you leave your seat at the ballpark and take your drink  with you; but once you get to the restroom, where do you put it?   For Drinkholder LLC, Definitive came up with two options for venue operators to choose from. The first design is a wall unit with a recessed area for a cup or bottle; the second design is a wall shelf with a non-slip surface so items won’t fall off. Both products had to be designed so they could be mounted on any wall surface—steel, tile or wall board for example—and feature a display area for advertising. Definitive designed both units with a reversible mounting option so advertising could be placed above or below the shelf. We also engineering a secure spring loaded finger mounting plate that would open and close easily with a tool so that the advertising message could be changed. We provided all design, engineering and prototyping including manufacturing turnover. Now being tested at a Pocono NASCAR raceway and in several casinos, the Drinkholders are getting great reviews.

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