Mentor Port Detector

Project scope: Definitive was engaged to design a simple, more cost-effective mechanical injection Port Detector to replace an existing product that relied on expensive electronics.

Inflatable breast implants are used to expand skin after surgery to allow for breast reconstruction.  Saline is injected into the implant in small amounts over a period of time until the desired size is achieved.  In order to inject saline into the implant a self-sealing port must be located beneath the skin. The self-sealing port must be identified accurately when injecting; a missed injection is painful for the patient and requires the entire tissue expander to be removed and replaced.

The Mentor Port Detector was the result of one-on-one user interviews and a thoughtful and sensitive design approach; its design improved accuracy and patient and clinician confidence. With Definitive’s design, a simple gimbaled magnet accurately locates the port, precluding the need for expensive—and often inaccurate—electronics. Raised crosshairs on the bottom of the detector allow surgeons to leave a mark by pressing gently on the skin; a pen can also  be inserted through a hole to mark the skin with ink.  This cost-effective solution transformed the procedure into a financially feasible and clinically practical option.

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