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Definitive researchers, industrial designers and design engineers are strategic thinkers who take new product ideas from concept to market. They provide product strategy early on, understanding all the stakeholders and end-users needs. Product strategy includes elements that encompass conceptualization, prototype design, market testing and all product development stages through to engineering for manufacturing.

Our complementary skills, different expertise and life experiences add value to every project we undertake and create a better product for both client and end-user.

One quality our diverse team shares is a keenness for tackling tricky problems with enthusiasm and imagination.   A mix of curiosity, analysis, ingenuity and know-how has created an open environment in which successful ideas flourish.


Craig Hidalgo, President


Craig is an Engineering and Design Management Professional with more than twenty-five years of product development experience.  As President of Definitive Design Corporation, he guides a powerful team of program managers, industrial designers, and engineers.  A core strength is Craig’s ability to uncover, understand, and prioritize his customer’s and the end-user’s needs and requirements.  This enables him to formulate an exacting development plan that satisfies those needs while maintaining compliance with the applicable guidelines for documentation control and design validation.

The country’s most respected healthcare and consumer products companies have benefited from Craig’s technical prowess. Medical clients in particular have benefited from Craig’s extensive experience in early stage medical device development programs.  He is inventor of record on 17 patents in the fields of tissue ablation, deployable ultrasound devices, uterine treatment instruments, sharps protection, durable medical goods, and dental devices.

Craig’s career has been characterized by his ability to identify innovative solutions to unique challenges while developing project plans that exceed customer expectations.


In 1999, Definitive Design was spun out of Paramount Industries Inc.  Paramount Industries was among the world’s most experienced manufacturers and providers of product development services, including; product design and engineering, rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and direct manufacturing that produced custom parts direct from digital input.

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