How To Get Your Invention Started

Invention Help Company: Your Dreams Become Reality

Definitive Design welcomes the opportunity to work with start-up companies and inventors that have products that we feel have a high chance of success. Definitive selectively reviews start-ups and invention designs in various industries from both a personal and business acumen level. A successful final product will be the direct result of a mutual understanding of the proposed business plan, product design parameters, target market, funding and thorough early understanding and evaluation of risk.

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As an invention help company, we will review the proposed project Request for Proposal (RFP) and our inventors help engineers will provide a detailed development plan and process that will achieve the goals in a timely and cost-effective manner, tailored to the specific project. Laying out a detailed plan at the onset, with the appropriate stage gates has provided our clients with the most advantageous path to product launch. Definitive provides help for inventors so that the development path and required budget are understood before the development program begins.

As a key technical resource, the team will provide our expertise to target and resolve the multi-layered issues of design, engineering and manufacturing as it pertains to the product specifications, development and manufacturing requirements.

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