Prototypes provide the development team with a tangible model of exactly how a product will function and look before it is manufactured. We see prototypes as a tool for learning, validating design intent, mitigating risk, and assessing design for manufacturability (DFM) throughout the development process.  Properly staged prototyping aids in reducing errors which can delay product launch.

Prototypes are an essential part of Definitive’s development process. We offer access to the highest quality prototype technologies including rapid prototyping, urethane casting, model-making, and injection molding.

Services that support our development process include:

  • Highly complex mechanical Proof of Concept models
  • Electrical/mechanical assemblies
  • Looks-like/works-like models
  • Engineering Check Models (ECM) that insure hassle-free transition into manufacturing
  • Sales and marketing models
  • Rapid prototyping (SLS/SLA)
  • Direct digital manufacturing
  • CNC machining
  • Urethane castings
  • Rapid injection mold tooling
  • Multi-shot and insert molding
  • Vacuum forming

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