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Consumer Product Design—We Make It Personal.

Consumer Product Design—We Make It Personal.

Definitive’s strategic thinking combined with our understanding of consumer lifestyles and habits makes us a great asset to any consumer products development team. Presented with a challenge we dig deeper–sometimes beyond the established design considerations–to identify the key experience factors that characterize a product’s success. We then build upon those factors to deliver not only feature-enriched products, but products that resonate with end-users and give our clients the edge. Our emphasis on integrated collaboration means we look at the product holistically to form context-based solutions.

User observation and interviews, customer feedback, ergonomics, materials and pricing goals are constantly weighed and balanced to find just the right answer. We also comprehend the highly competitive nature for shelf-space and sometimes mature markets of consumer goods that considering the needs of distributors and retailers, and other factors in the supply-chain are just as valuable of an opportunity to explore to make a product succeed.

Our engineers participate throughout the conceptual phase of a project ensuring the design ideas can ultimately be grounded to the realities of production. Their extensive knowledge of injection molding in a variety of plastics, proficiency in over-molding techniques, vacuum forming, and other cutting-edge manufacturing technologies have proved invaluable to our clients in Consumer Goods.

Our ultimate goal? To produce products so thoughtfully and intuitively designed that they become customer favorites and the go-to products in their categories.

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Consumer Experience

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