Industrial Design

Good industrial design goes well beyond a sleek packaging shell. Good design should delight, empower, and quietly inform. Its qualities are perceptible by a variety of senses and so make an emotional connection to the user. This is the tipping point, when a product becomes the preferred and indispensable object.

Form-informing function is the ultimate quality we strive to instill in every project. This approach permeates the design solution far deeper than a topical “re-skinning.” The goal is to provide contextual clues to the user, thereby influencing behavior. When the product’s task can be easily accomplished—versus asking the user to focus on the technology—the design is a success.

Definitive applies this level of critical thinking at all phases of product development. From ideation on, user-experience is paramount in developing a product that communicates its function intuitively through clarity of layout and form.  The goal? To create design that enables our clients to stand apart in their maturing markets or to set the bar in new markets.

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