Industrial & Defense – Defining the Unique Needs of the Commercial and Defense Industry.

Design for industry and defense applications comes with a wholly different set of challenges. Durability and ergonomics rule the day. Definitive has brought to fruition numerous products for demanding environments, proving to our clients that we are a trusted source for their development needs. We stay on top of the newest material and manufacturing technologies to keep our clients ahead of the curve. We have a track record of designing ruggedized handheld electronics that hold up to the harshest field conditions.

Definitive has worked closely with the U.S. military, developing a Handheld Threat Warning System that was named the U.S. Army’s Invention of the Year. Whether a project requires that a device to be submersible in the deepest waters or resistant to the most forceful impacts, we will define and design a high-performance solution that meets our client’s needs.

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