Cosinuss One

Innovative Medical Device

The Cosinuss One is an innovative wearable sensor that combines high levels of accuracy with wear-ability and comfort.  It enables athletes to breath freely by moving heart rate measurements from the chest, to a location with optimum accuracy and convenience – the outer ear canal.  Chaffing and soreness are things of the past.  The Cosinuss One continuously captures your body temperature by using thermal resistant sensor that is in contact with the skin inside your ear.Consinuss One

The Cosinuss raises athletes to a new level of training precision and control by providing data to adjust their daily training intensity to their current fitness level.

Consinuss One, Smart Phone Compatible

How does it work?     The heartbeat periodically changes the volume of even the smallest blood vessel.  A change in volume changes the ability of the veins to absorb light.  The device utilizes this effect by emitting light into the tissue of the inner ear canal.  The measurements are conducted with sensing elements integrated into special silicon head of the device.  The measured values are then transmitted to the processing unit behind the ear, where the vital signs are calculated and digitized.  The Cosinuss One is compatible with most smart phones, watches and computers.

Learn more about this device:  Cosinuss One

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