Product Design and Development

Definitive Design is a full-service product innovation and new product development company that provides the complete package of services from conceptualization to commercialization. Definitive is a new product development company for large corporations as well as small businesses within the fields of medical, consumer, industry and defense. Our rich skill set—whether sketching an idea or engineering for manufacture and performance reliability—enables us to inform our designs with unique market insights. The Definitive portfolio includes products we’ve nurtured from the earliest stages of concept through to production, as well as those that represent line extensions for global brands. Definitive also serves as an invention help company providing guidance to startups, entrepreneurs and inventors.

At Definitive Design we approach industrial design holistically. We have a deep appreciation of the importance in understanding how your new product innovations are used. This knowledge allows us to conceptualize far more meaningful solutions that give you a leg up on the competition. Our organizational structure provides inherent advantages by putting product design, industrial design, engineering, prototyping and contract manufacturing professionals together. This team approach provides the advantage of decreasing time to market and increasing lines of communication between the interdisciplinary teams. Definitive Design is an industrial design firm that is structured to deliver the best professional practices available for developing products distributed in today’s global, design-driven marketplaces by utilizing our professional experience, key technical resources and networks of industry specialists in research, principles of design, and state-of-the-art prototyping and contract manufacturing.

Whether your goals are to increase market share through product innovation, be the 1st to market or to reduce product cost, we have the specialists to meet those needs. Our team of resident designers, engineers, prototyping experts, and manufacturing professionals offers a unified product development process that creates customer value, ensures qualified manufacturing solutions and expedites faster development cycles.

Checkout our new partnership with Connected Device Group!

The Connected Device Group (CDG) was formed to serve as a “one-stop-Shop for connected medical devices, consumer electronics and inventors.  With a singular, distributed team, CDG is able to deliver high caliber mechanical, electrical, software and mobile Apps engineering services at a competitive price.  We specialize in bringing IoT to the masses.

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