Covidien / Stapling Smart Cart

Project Scope: Develop a stapling product cart which will improve operating efficiency for Covidien customers by offering them an integrated approach at improving their inventory management system, optimizing the delivery and presentation of our stapling products and ultimately facilitating the adoption of Tri-Staple™ technology in the operating room.

Definitive developed the complete product specifications including definition of the design inputs and design outputs. Key objectives were to optimize Reload management, Reload Identification, Cart management and Staple Handle management. Additional desired features were Power/Charging capability, I-pad integration and protective cover/drape.

Within any medical setting, organization is a crucial factor. With this in mind Definitive Design successfully provided Covidien with a state-of-the-art design for an Operating Room medical storage cart that promotes correct use of their Staple product, that benefits, patients, operating room personnel and hospital supply management.

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