Load Control Load Master 1000

Project scope: Load Control Technologies i-Bolt® Ultrasonic Fastener Systems are used in automotive, aerospace, construction and industrial applications. Definitive was contracted to design, engineer, prototype and manufacture a handheld controller for measuring bolt load.

Definitive’s defined goal was to integrate ruggedization and usability enhancements around the client-supplied metal enclosure. What we supplied beyond those objectives was to establish the aesthetic which still defines the client’s entire handheld line. User-experience was greatly enhanced through an interchangeable hand strap and stylus holder, allowing ambidextrous use, reducing user fatigue and improving grip security. To improve drop survival, our understanding of materials and manufacturing led us to engineer rubber over-molded parts that were appropriate for this low-volume product. The Load Master 1000 exemplifies our commitment to balance form and function while meeting the rigorous demands of an industrial setting.




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