Lock A Bye Lockable Bag

Project scope: A good example of Definitive “defining the imagined,” we were contracted by Lock-A-Bye to develop a revolutionary locking bag. All aspects for the lock, cable and functional specification were to be developed, prototyped, tested and manufactured.

The Lock-A-Bye Bag appears at first to be an ordinary tote bag, but this bag is far from ordinary. Definitive successfully engineered a key-operated patented dual locking mechanism; the mechanism interfaces with a tamper resistant zipper which connects to a galvanized cable sewn throughout the bag and shoulder strap, making it nearly impossible to penetrate.  Our team researched and sourced water-, stain-, and slash-resistant fabrics that could be manufactured in an array of custom patterns, prints, and colors. Definitive also managed and sourced offshore contract manufacturing to keep costs low.  The Lock-A-Bye has revolutionized bags, allowing women to easily attach the bag to a fixture without having to worry that their possessions will be tampered with or stolen in their absence.

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