Project scope: The SpyderCHECKR is a color calibration tool from Datacolor that adjusts colors to create a consistent quality photograph within a standard RAW (a digital camera option preferred by professional photographers) processing workflow, creating a custom camera calibration and recording known color references.   Definitive Design was sourced to design a protective enclosure for SpyderCHECKR that was versatile, sleek and thin.

Definitive provided all design and engineering, prototyping, finalized engineering and verification engineering.  We developed a protective enclosure that folds like a book with an internal divider that protects both sides of the color checker. The color checker can be easily removed and reversed from the color target to a gray target for versatility. For greater flexibility we designed allows the product to attach to a tripod or a SpyderCubeä (another Definitive Design project), extending the usefulness of the product for the photographer and strategically promoting Datacolor’s integrated system of products. Thoughtful material and component choices helped minimize costs while contributing to the simple yet stylish form.

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