Project scope: Once again Definitive Design was contracted by Datacolor, this time to re-engineer and prototype the design of the SpyderCube, a calibrator for RAW photography that was introduced to the market in 2009.  The SpyderCube acts as a color reference and helps ensure perfect lighting within any photograph.

Preliminary as well as finalized engineering and prototyping were part of Definitive’s development path. Our challenge was to design enclosures that incorporate a combination of injection molding and ultrasonic welding, and to incorporate two colors in one of the parts using a unique over-molding process. Definitive’s final design has a lustrous professional appearance and comes in a size suitable for the studio and a smaller version that can be tucked into a camera bag. We used a base material that is durable, scuff-, chip-, and shatter-resistant—all while cutting production costs.

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