The First Years Take n’ Toss

Project scope: Produce a line of inexpensive and disposable infant and toddler food storage containers and feeding products.  The items needed to convey quality and be durable enough to stand up to toddlers, but be affordable enough to throw away after several uses.

From concept sketches that were sensitive to our little users’ small hands and limited dexterity, Definitive built a series of prototypes. With these in hand (pun intended), we met with focus groups to ensure the designs were right and resonated with users.  Focus group discussions got into the details, from the thickness of the plastics to the seal of the lids. Definitive provided engineering for the entire line as well as graphics, legal artwork and production documentation. We also acted as overseas vendor liaison.  The First Years Take n’ Toss line has so greatly exceeded sales expectations that additional tooling was required to keep up with demand.

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