The Water Proof Sweat Monitor

Innovative Wearable Technology

Recently, an international team of researchers has developed a skin patch for monitoring a person’s biometrics.

The device is a waterproof, epidermal, microfluidic, and electronic-enabled for sweat monitoring.  This patch captures sweat (from the sweat glands of the subject) in tiny chambers which serve as individual miniature test labs.  Each chamber tests for different qualities such as fluid levels, sweat loss and chloride concentrations.

This new device does not require batteries – it draws power from radio waves in the surrounding environment.  The device is made watertight by employing a strong skin-safe adhesive and by keeping it small and thin (width of 10mm).

Data stored on the device can be transferred to another device such as a smartphone using Bluetooth.  This underwater patch is intended for people who compete in the water.  It’s ability to monitor important components in sweat can give athletes, their trainers and coaches a clear view of how well the body is holding up under different scenarios.

The researchers note that the device can also be used in other applications that may not be in water as well.  The researchers have already tested their device in the field in a wide number of applications and even in some real competitions.  Although this device is not yet up for sale, the team is working with a company called, Epicore Biosystems to make a viable commercial product.

A more detailed look provided by: Science Mag

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