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Genie Connect

Innovative Medical Device

Loneliness is a real, increasing issue in the U.S. and globally. In fact, many healthcare professionals now recognize loneliness as a risk factor for a number of medical conditions, including cardiovascular disease.

Genie Connect promises to combat loneliness.

For this reason, we need to address loneliness with urgency.
Service Robotics Limited have recently created an innovative solution that aims to bridge this gap.
Genie Connect is a friendly looking miniature robot. The designers described it as “a companion robot

Mobile Cancer Screening Device : Innovative Medical Technology

Innovative Medical Technology
Mobile Cancer Screening Device
The corporation, MobileODT has designed a battery-powered, hand-held colposcope (Mobile Cancer Screening Device) called the EVA System, which can take high-quality images of the cervix.
MobileODT worked with the National Cancer Institute to develop a machine learning algorithm, called automatic visual evaluation (AVE), that can produce an accurate diagnosis in minutes.

A prospective, multi center pilot study that scientists conducted in Korea showed that the device is more than 90 percent accurate.
Yael Misrahi —

DreamOn Wearable Sleep Aid

Innovative Wearable Technology
The company Pulsewear has created its DreamOn wearable Sleep Aid that is designed to help people with insomnia fall asleep without medication.

The device uses low-frequency pulses to activate the body’s natural sleep process and guide users to rest.  DreamOn offers guided meditations and pulse technology to help people who have frequent night wakings, insomnia or other sleep ailments, according to the company.  The product can sync up with the body’s natural rhythms and helps users relax to experience

Non-Contact Vital Signs Monitor

Xander Kardian has developed a new non-contact vital sign monitoring PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) that has Amazon Alexa and gesture control capabilities.

The vital monitoring system can measure resting heart rate, respiration rate and movement index. It also has an optional ceiling mount that offers fall-from-bed detection.
Xandar Kardian has an LED lamp with a button that allows users to call for help physically, or they can use the voice activated Alexa or gesture control to call for assistance. The ceiling

Wearable Activity Tracker

Innovative Wearable Device
One startup we found interesting at the CES show was the wearable activity tracker created by Magnea.  Magnea’s vision is to create a solution that enables elderly people to stay active yet always monitored in the event of an accident.
Mangnea’s device is a wearable motion detection and activity tracking sensor that has created a solution for elderly safety.   
They employ highly sensitive motion detection sensors with a motivational dashboard aimed and optimized for the elderly as well as

Blood-Flow Sensor

Innovative Medical Device
Researchers at Stanford University recently developed a wireless, battery-free, biodegradable blood flow sensor that will make it easier for doctors to monitor the success of blood vessel surgery.  The sensor monitors the flow of blood through an artery and can warn a patient’s doctor if there is a blockage.  Because it is biodegradable, battery-free and wireless; it does not need to be removed.
“Measurement of blood flow is critical in many medical specialties, so a wireless biodegradable sensor could