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Innovative Medical Device
StethoMe is intended to be used by parents to check on their kids when there are signs of sickness. Instead of immediately bringing the child in for an exam, a parent can perform a basic auscultation and send the recording for analysis by the company’s AI-powered algorithms to look for signs of distress.
The system can warn the parent of potential issues and share the respiratory recording with the child’s pediatrician. The doctor can then make a decision on

TAP Blood Collection Device

Innovative Medical Device

TAP is an FDA-cleared device that collects blood painlessly using an array of tiny needles called micro needles. Users simply push a button and blood is vacuumed into the device; samples are anti-coagulated and ready for lab transport. Researchers hope the device can reduce the number of patients who delay or forego medical tests that rely on drawn blood. It could also be a helpful resource for clinical trials, pharmacies, athletic monitoring, and more.

How It Works

Cosinuss One

Innovative Medical Device
The Cosinuss One is an innovative wearable sensor that combines high levels of accuracy with wear-ability and comfort.  It enables athletes to breath freely by moving heart rate measurements from the chest, to a location with optimum accuracy and convenience – the outer ear canal.  Chaffing and soreness are things of the past.  The Cosinuss One continuously captures your body temperature by using thermal resistant sensor that is in contact with the skin inside your ear.
The Cosinuss raises athletes

Gyro Glove

Innovative Medical Device
Together with a number of other students from Imperial College London, Ong worked in the university’s prototyping laboratory to run numerous tests. An early prototype of a device, called Gyro Glove, proved his instinct correct. Patients report that wearing the Gyro Glove, which Ong believes to be the first wearable treatment solution for hand tremors, is like plunging your hand into thick syrup, where movement is free but simultaneously slowed. In benchtop tests, the team found the glove